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Installing a support extension license

If you haven't bought the support extension already from our site, instructions to purchase are available here:

Once you have made the purchase:
  • You will receive a license serial in the email
  • Open the Licensed tab in the program (do NOT clear the license)
  • Click the Enter Support Extension codes button
  • Paste the serial code into the Support extension serial text area
  • Click the Add Serial button
  • Click the Save and Validate button
You can purchase one or more support extensions in advance and then key it in. For every support extension you add, the support will be extended by one year.

NOTE: Support extensions are retroactive from the date the support expired. For example, if you purchased the software in 2017 Apr and the support expired in 2018 Apr, then you will need one Support license to bring the support to 2019 Apr and another support extension (two separate purchases) to bring it forward to 2020 Apr. That is, you will need to purchase support licenses for past years to bring the support to current.

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