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Troubleshoot: Attachment problems or issues -- send us logs

Before contacting support, it is important that you follow these three steps and provide the following information:
  1. Version and build of the program you are on
  2. Brief problem description
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue and if it is intermittent or happens every time
  4. Screenshots of mail server settings and any rule or settings or error pop-up/messages that applies
  5. PRO Sever - uninstall the service: Uninstall the service and try to reproduce the issue via a Connect and Download
  6. Verbose log files zipped up as an attachment after you have enabled verbose logging and have reproduced the issue a few times
If you contact support without the above and following the steps below, we would typically respond asking for the same. We realize this takes extra time but it goes a long ways to avoid some back and forth and support delays. Once you have completed these three steps, you can contact support by sending an email with required information (repro steps, screenshot and logs) to

Step-1: Upgrade first to the latest build (version stays the same)

We constantly release new builds even though the version may still say the same (eg. v3.2). Before contacting support, it is important to update to the latest build. When sending an email to support, it is important to tell us which version and build you are on.
How do I check which build I am on?

To check the build you currently have, hover the mouse over the main title text (i.e. "Mail Attachment Downloader") in the main program window and you should see a popup with the version eg. 3.2 and the build 3.2.1015.0 (1015 is the build).

Step-2: Troubleshoot to make sure this isn't a config issue -- use Rule Tracing

Rule tracing gives you a birds eye view of what happened when a rule ran and why the program may not be processing attachments. If you want the rule to run for emails without attachments, you must check the "Save as .eml" checkbox in the rule.
  • Use rule tracing first: 
  • PRO Server? You cannot use rule tracing when running as a service. We recommend that you uninstall the service first. If this is a service related issue, see common config issues below. You will need to uninstall and re-install the service first.
  • Once you have enabled rule tracing, you will need to reproduce the issue through a normal connect and download to then use rule tracing.
Common Service config issues
  • The most common mistake is to not uninstall and re-install the service from inside the program's service tab after making a configuration update! 
  • You must uninstall the service and re-install the service when a config change is made in the program. Otherwise the service will be running with the older configuration.
Config issue - Rule Tracing
  1. When using global rules, we HIGHLY recommend that you try to enable Rule Tracing and troubleshoot emails or attachments IMPORTANT: You MUST have the latest build for this to work.
  2. Enable Rule Tracing checkbox in the Global Filters tab 
  3. Uninstall the service first from inside the program's service tab if you have it installed.
  4. Setup the configuration so you can narrow it down to just the email or attachment you want to download. For example, set a start date in the Search tab or a date greater than filter in your Global rule to 1 day before the problematic email. Make sure that Search tab has Search in All mail checked
  5. Once the download completes, click the Search magnifier icon next to the Rule Tracing checkbox in the Global filters tab. Then scroll to the specific email in question on the left pane and select it. Understand what is happening on the right side, it should show you all the email parts and/or attachments in the email before any rules were run and it should also show you why a specific email rule did or did not match.

Step-3: Attach verbose logs in the email to support after reproducing the issue a few times

If the above troubleshooting did not yield any results, then we need the logs to further assist. Not attaching the verbose logs could mean that we have to ask you to submit the logs for troubleshooting. This will delay the resolution time for your problem. 

Attach verbose logs (see instructions below) AND tell us the FILENAME or Email Subject for which it didn't download attachments so we can help you with this issue?

Get Verbose Logs to speed up response times

PRO Server ONLY: If you are running the service, first uninstall the service via the Service panel (click the uninstall button).
  1. Open the program, switch to the Logs tab (if you updated to latest v3.2 build you should now have this new tab in the main window) OR click on settings button in v3.2 for any individual account (not multiple@multiple) OR Mail Server tab in v2.x. Check the Verbose Logging checkbox. 
  2. Click on the Logs Folder button and it should open up explorer. Keep this explorer window open, we will zip this up after reproducing the issue.
  3. Set your settings and search criteria you want saved. IMPORTANT: If you experienced an issue with a previous download, make sure you add the right filters for the program to re-process the same exact email so you can reproduce the problem. Specifically set a start date in the Search tab or a date greater than filter in your Global rule to 1 day before the problematic email. Make sure that Search tab has Search in All mail checked
  4. RUN THE DOWNLOAD to reproduce the problem. Wait for it to finish.
  5. IMPORTANT: Quit the program and don't restart it until step 6 is complete. 
  6. Zip all files in the Logs directory from the windows explorer that opened from previous step and send it via EMail to us.
Please email the zipped logs AND the FILENAME or Email Subject and date of the email to

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