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Integrate document management system or content management systems with email

With advanced functionality offered by Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server, be confident that you can take email data from many different sources (IMAP, POP3, Exchange and many more) and craft rules to get them to import it into your content management (CMS or eCMS) or document management systems (DMS or eDMS). 

We have many customers doing so using the following techniques:
  • Use our application plugin SDK to directly invoke into your backend applications 
  • Save emails and attachments to hot or magic folders that are then auto-imported into the document or content management system
  • Convert emails or attachments into PDF or multi-page TIFF that are better suited to be understood by document or content management systems
  • Use a custom script to integrate applications
To get a better understanding of the architecture behind how the PRO Server works, our detailed blog post below should help you get started.

For more:

As always, contact us ( if you have any product related questions. 

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