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  4. Having trouble connecting, connection failed or authentication/login failed?

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  6. How do I re-download the same attachments?

  7. I received the "Google Account: sign-in attempt blocked" email?

  8. I see [THROTTLED] in the Status, what is that?

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  11. License cannot be activated as license could not be validated with the license server

  12. Logging Quantity -- verbose vs non-verbose logging

  13. Lost settings help

  14. Moving licenses or license check failed or lost or license activation problems

  15. PRO and PRO Server settings folder location and permissions failure or problems

  16. PRO Client vs Server license

  17. PRO Server multiple admins

  18. PRO: Find which rules matched for which emails using Rule Tracing

  19. Purchasing and installing a support extension license

  20. Run as a Windows Service

  21. Save emails to magic folders or hard drive

  22. Save emails with attachments as PDF, TIFF, DOCX and many more

  23. Security with Mail Attachment Downloader

  24. Service fails to start or problems with configuration errors

  25. Settings or default email account are not being saved upon program start

  26. Some attachments not downloading with Gmail

  27. Troubleshoot: Attachment problems or issues -- send us logs

  28. Upgrade from PRO to PRO Server or install PRO Server over the PRO version

  29. Why does it download all my mail?

  30. Why is Selected Folders grayed out?

  31. Yahoo Mail IMAP connectivity problems or issues

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