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Purchase link for v3.x product/support extensions (non-subscription)

These are the steps you must take to purchase support extensions. 

  • These are the instructions to get premium support and be eligible for upgrades if you already have purchased the perpetual 3.x license for the product. You DO NOT need to purchase these extensions if you are using the subscription license (premium support is included in that).
  • These support extensions will not let you upgrade your product from v2.x to v3.x. Please contact if you are using v2.x of the product as that is no longer supported.
Quantity of support extensions:

NOTE: Support extensions are retroactive from the date of purchase. So let's say you bought PRO Server 3 years back but haven't paid for support extensions since, you will need to purchase 2 support extensions or more to bring the support back to current. 

Instructions to purchase a support extension:

  1. First, you will need to determine if you have a PRO Server or a PRO Client license. This should be included in your original product purchase email with the serial that you received.
  2. Go to the site for purchase:
  3. Click on the tab named Non-subscription support extensions (see screenshot below)
  4. Click on one of the Buy Now links based on whether you want the PRO Server or PRO Client extension.
  5. Fill in customer details. Try to make sure the email and company name matches the original license, it's not required but preferable. If the email with the original purchase is no longer valid, it's okay to put in a new email here. The support extension code will be sent to the new license.    

Instructions to install the license
After you receive a support extension serial email, go here for instructions to install it:

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