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Service fails to start or problems with configuration errors


Sometimes, due to your OS group policy settings, access to some key locations that this program uses is not accessible. This causes the program to not correctly record or use its settings. For example, the service should remember the email account(s) to run with at boot up. This causes issues at service startup time and may result in files not being downloaded when the service is started independently.  

Resolution and/or mitigation

The program requires the following turned on:
  • UAC should be turned on
  • Virtualizing file and registry access to be enabled via group policy. You can re-enable this by turning on the setting as described here (
When the OS is installed, the default setting for both of these are 'Enabled'. If you see any of these being set as 'Disabled' via say group policy or otherwise, it probably means that someone (eg. IT) has turned it off.

Turning these on should not cause any undesired effect to other programs, in fact it may help with other programs that have similar issues. If turning these settings on is not an option, we are considering mitigating this issue in a future update, however, we do not not have a specific timeframe for that at this point.

Regardless, please make sure you email us and tell us whether this mitigation worked or not when you encounter this problem so we can assess the number of users hitting this issue.

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