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Run as a Windows Service

Service Instructions

Mail Attachment Downloader PRO Server enables you to install Mail Attachment Downloader as a Windows Service.

Service Type

By default the service is installed with the 'Local System' account.

While this will certainly work, it is recommended that you select 'User' from the Service Type dropdown so you have a safer system install so the program has restricted access. Please note that when you select 'User', the account should have Administrative rights for it to work properly. 

If you choose to install the service as a non-Administrator, it will require more effort to ensure the service has all write permissions in all the right places in order to enable it to start up successfully. Support for this kind of non-Administrative type of account is limited at this time. If you do find an issue please contact us.

Read and Write access to all necessary folders

It is important that the Service Type you install the service as has read AND write access to all download folders you've selected for the account. Otherwise the service will not start. 

Troubleshoot service install or startup

If you would like to find out why the service did not start or install, please check the Logs folder (by clicking on the Logs button) and look into the Service logs. As always, drop us an email if you are having trouble with this. We should be able to look into your issue within a day.

Email Account

When you install the Service, the service will only install and download attachments for the Email account you've selected from the dropdown with the same settings you have for that email account.

If you want the service to run for multiple accounts, choose the multiple accounts from the Email dropdown and then install the service for that account

Passwords for email accounts

You MUST have the save passwords checkbox checked for all accounts that you want the Service to download attachments for.

Changing configuration settings after service installation

Once you have succesfully installed the Windows service, any changes you make to any configuration as a user will NOT take effect on the service. The service has a copy of all the configuration at the time you installed the service.

If you would like to make configuration changes, Uninstall the service first, make the changes, then Install the service again.

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