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Office365 or Outlook permissions

Access to Office365 or requires the use of Exchange Web Services (or EWS). This is the service that Mail Attachment Downloader connects to. The program uses secure modern authentication (OAuth 2) to connect to Microsoft servers. Once authenticated, the program connects to Exchange Web Services to read folders or groups, read mailboxes, read profile information (basic email) and to send email. 

The image below shows all the permissions the program requests. Note that no admin consent is required for the program as the program only has access to the mailbox that was granted permission by the end user using OAuth 2 (the popup or where the user is directed to the web to login before the program connects to the mail system).

Microsoft Graph
- User.Read

Office 365 Exchange Online (12)
- EWS.AccessAsUser.All
- Group.Read.All
- Mail.Read
- Mail.Read.All
- Mail.Read.Shared
- Mail.ReadBasic
- Mail.ReadWrite
- Mail.ReadWrite.All
- Mail.ReadWrite.Shared
- Mail.Send
- Mail.Send.All

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