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Need help from GearMage support? Speed up the support response by following these easy tips...

Before you submit any support ticket, please make sure you are on the latest build (version may still say eg. 3.2 but the build is often newer). Being on the latest build provides many benefits and fixes that would help speed up your support response. Please go here for instructions on how to update to the latest build.

If you need help from GearMage support promptly, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest build and see if the issue still occurs, if it still does supply the following:
  • Short description of the issue
  • Troubleshooting steps you have tried so far and what the result was from those troubleshooting steps
  • Sample attachments/files with what you've observed the program do
  • Important: Configured settings (screenshots of all configuration or exported .mdz file)
  • Very important: Verbose log files with relevant logs (see instructions below)
  • Optional but highly recommended: Screen recording video of what you've seen
Verbose log files instructions

Please send us verbose logs with relevant logs after reproducing the issue with any support ticket or expect long response times:
  • Uninstall the service (if you are on PRO Server and have the service installed) if you have it running first as we will try to reproduce this through a normal connect and download
  • In Options tab, unselect "Use multiple connections" checkbox
  • Check the verbose logging checkbox in the Logs tab within the program
  • Reproduce the issue at-least 2-3 times (eg. run through a connect/download and reproduce the issue a few times)
  • Open the client logs folder by clicking the Client Logs button in the Logs tab. Check to make sure the logs have captured either the filename or the issue that's in question (search within the log file).
  • Zip up the client logs folder (or if it's too large, sort the folder by last modified, and then pick the top 10 or so and zip them up). Email the zip file as an attachment to or reply to the existing email thread.

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