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Latest PRO Client and PRO Server builds (how to get them)

We constantly release new releases (called builds) even if the version is the same v3.2. We only update the version number on major feature releases.

Issues with Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail connectivity or authentication?
The latest build (v3.2 is the same but build number is newer, see below) fixes incompatibilities with connecting and authenticating to Outlook, O365 and Google's gmail. Please make sure you uninstall the service first if you have the PRO Server version before installing the latest build. You may also need to re-configure your email account by revisiting settings and changing the host/port for IMAP, SMTP. Test the connection before saving. In some cases you may have to update the password, try a different password or the hostname for IMAP and SMTP for Outlook (see here). As a last resort you can delete the account settings and then recreate it from scratch to rule out any account setting specific issue.

Find out what build you are on
Latest current PRO Client and PRO Server builds are:             3.2.1067

To check the build you currently have, hover the mouse over the main title text (i.e. "Mail Attachment Downloader") in the main program window and you should see a popup with the version eg. 3.2 and the build 3.2.1015.0 (1015 is the build).


PRO Server: Uninstall the service
Uninstall the service by going to the service tab in the program and then clicking on the uninstall button. Then quit the program. It may be preferable to uninstall the program at this point from the control panel. None of your settings will be lost when doing so.

An alternative to the above: Uninstall manually
If you are having trouble uninstalling the service from within the program you can use this process to manually uninstall the running service. The process below will help shutdown the service via an alternate means (without needing to run the program).
  1. Quit the program (or all instances of it) if you are running it.
  2. From services.msc stop the MailAttachmentDownloaderService if its running
  3. Delete the service in services.msc or alternatively at a command prompt (run as admin), run "sc delete MailAttachmentDownloaderService" to remove the service
  4. Uninstall the app using Control Panel (settings / config are not removed, they stay intact)
STEP-2: Use license email links to download latest installers

Your license email from contains the download links to the binaries.

NOTE: When you download these binaries, you might want to clear your browser cache or open a new incognito window to avoid any caching that might be going on. That'll get you the latest binaries.

Make sure you save this email and refer to it. Use the link in the license email and download the latest installer for the latest build. Then proceed with the installation.
UPGRADE to the latest build.  
1. Re-download the same installer from the link in your license email (this will always update to the latest build) 
2. IMPORTANT: Uninstall the SERVICE FIRST (PRO Server only) from within the program
3. THEN Uninstall the program from Control Panel. Your settings will be preserved even after uninstalling the program.
4. Re-install the program
  • Free instructions - If you are using the free version, just go to our website to get and install the latest build.
  • PRO instructions - If you are using the PRO versions, use the SAME link that you received in your license email to install the latest build. Your settings will be preserved with the upgrade.

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