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Logging Quantity -- verbose vs non-verbose logging

Logging quantity is controlled by the verbose logging checkbox in the Logs tab in the program. Anytime this setting is changed you MUST uninstall and reinstall the service using the service tab in the program.

By default verbose logging will not rotate logs so it will fill up disk space. Ideally you shouldn't be using verbose logging for extended periods in production.

That said, there are two files in the folder where the exe lives called log4net.debug and log4net.error. These are the log4net settings so you can control many parameters of how the program logs information. You can google up log4net and modify these files to specify settings that you want (including log rotation frequency, log size per file etc.). 

Otherwise to avoid filling up your disk, just turn off verbose logging and if you have a service installed, make sure you reinstall the service from within the program for that change to take effect.

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